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Chepstow Jam

Was good. Miles made a video, tudor broke his nose.

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Something for the weekend

It might be january and cold as hell but everyones back on it. Lots of people out this weekend at various spots fighting off the cold weather to get a session in, with some old faces making a return which is always good. Sunday we checked out a new spot which turned out to be pretty fun, and of course there was the usual LSP session. Miles got his camera out and put in some work…...

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Alex Bazzard

You all know him and i cant be arsed to write a profound intro. Alex Bazzard from miles wood on...

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It was the summer of 2010…

Well i hope everyone is still riding, ive not been around cos of the car not working and a shoulder dislocation. Here’s a re-make of the summer 2010 video i made, now with Baz’s and Jak’s footage. Enjoy!!! Summer of 2010 from miles wood on...

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U7 summer of 2010

Well i havnt updated for a while to be having my head under my car bonnet doing an engine change, but here is the summer of 2010 video ive been saying im going to do for a while. Not so many road trips this year due to work and car troubles, but i think it’s stil la good vid. Enjoy! Summer of 2010 from miles wood on...

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