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Swansea is awesome

Sweet specs joe

Sweet specs joe

So a group of us decided to go and explore swansea on this bank holiday monday, Great Success.


We chanced it to go and find Clyne trails, and after a random 45 minute “hike” and some help from the iPhone we found them. They were running sweet and there is a variety of lines up there. Gaz and Steve wasted no time and started busting out the moves on the larger set, while gary decided to crash into a bog. You can see a lot of hours had been put into the trails over the years and they were good fun to ride, so thanks to whoever built them.


The uni grounds seem to have a lot to offer as well but their campus security are pretty on it. We had a nose around and found some lil spots. However the skatepark is a strange one, it was crap..like real crap apart from the metal mini. We found it weird that we didnt see anyone at the trails yet this shocking park about 2 miles away was rammed. Each to their own.


Other highlights include joe finding a sweet new pair of sun glasses, some woman saying “ill sign the police up if you kill my son” or some other shit, fish and chips, bombing some random bank into a beach, chavs, steve cushion being an arsonist and myself almost throwing gary onto a fire.

Expect Miles and Ben to have edits up by yesterday.

All in all it was good to just go get lost in some random town. Pay swansea a visit, its pretty sweet.

Author: Lewis

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