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Some stuff

The edge Skatepark, Newport

Newport Bowl (again)

I cannot stop talking, thinking and riding this place. It is so good. Had another session there nice and early on monday, was lucky enough to be graced by the presence of Paul before he had to go to work and show his boss’s how to run the place.

If the picture above won’t pusaude you to go ride it when its empty then I don’t know what else will.

Some good sessions have been going down in newports indoor park as well. With the make over there and further changes seemingly planned, along with the outdoor park newport is a very good place to ride your bike at the moment.

There has also been some good content on the interwebz too. Namely Defgrips originals, this time with Rich Hirsch. It came out real good and is easily the best one so far. Check it out here http://blog.defgrip.net/category/originals/


Also Cagney showed me a video of this dude Chris Childs, he kills it. Check it out below.

DK Bicycles Chris Childs from Jeff DuPaul on Vimeo.


Finally, there is a new(ish) blog from VIMBY, called In The Gnar. Its pretty sweet and combines all things from surfing,skate and bmx. Check it out http://inthegnar.com/


Also just to add to this, I just came across this post (via the www.thecomeupbmx.net) , http://20negative.com/feature_pages/show/10-Editorial about Nike in bmx, its a good read.

Author: Lewis

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