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Ross Kemp in Skate Extreme

Please take 5 minutes out from arguing about what you think the new Cardiff Skatepark should contain, to watch an edit Miles put together at Skate Extreme.

Then maybe think of writing an email to the council who actually have an input into what the skatepark will be like rather than getting all angry about it on here. I think Luke is on the case with that.
I’m sure the skaters involved are going to come up with a design that bmxers will enjoy riding (although not everyone is going to think it’s a good design because everyone likes riding different stuff). But it would be nice to have some bmx (and even inline) input, as they are going to be the main users of the park and it’s coming from our pockets as tax payers (ok the tax payer part is a shitty argument).

anyway heres some Skate Extreme footage:

Skate Extremely Shit from miles wood on Vimeo.

Author: Scott

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