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Newport Concrete

Gaz Watkins pedal grind at the Edge skatepark, Newport

So on Monday a few of us went on an early morning mission to go ride the concrete skatepark in newport. A mission indeed as we were up at 8 and riding by 9. It was worth it though as the place was empty for the entire time we were there. Quite simply put, the park is awesome.

I urge anyone who wants to ride a park like that all to themselves with no little kids everywhere to try and find a time when you can hit it up in the morning. Ryan took a few snaps which you can find in his gallery, and also filmed a few clips while taking five after crashing into a lampost… don’t ask but the lampost came off worse.So I threw them together to form a mini edit in order to showcase the park and all it has to offer.Check it out, even if it is to just listen to Laceys random shoutings about Mike tyson baby!


Newport 9 Am sess from Lewis Rossiter on Vimeo.

Author: Lewis

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