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Loads going on at Newport….

The old vert ramp has had its vert cut off at Skate extreme, Newport

The old vert ramp has had its vert cut off….


Had a real busy last few days, got loads of filming and riding done. Newport Skate Extreme is starting to make some major changes (maybe even its name !) to the park such as cutting the vert off the vert ramp to make a huge midi with subs and wallrides. There’s also rumours of a cafe, shop and more jump-boxes aswell as many other idea’s of which I wont divulge as it’s always better to have a surprise. Scott who works there seemed real keen and optimistic about getting things done and I’d confidently say it sounds like its going to get a real good make-over so keep popping down there as there’s always something new going on. Cheaper for students aswell now, lucky shits!

My halloween edit is coming along nicely (in my opinion) – got loads of footage from Port and Dinas over the last few days which should make for good viewing. All I can say is Werewolf no handers….


Author: Ben Ayling

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