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Game on…..

Cagney doing a gert lush downtable yesterday.

Cagney doing a gert lush downtable yesterday.

Just a quick one for you before the monster trails update just around the corner! Things seem to be stepping up at the moment, wait til you see the trails pics from today. It’s a shame I didn’t take my camera to Newports outdoor bowl this morning as things got crazy there aswell ! Kev has the place dialed, he goes so fast and so high that he’s scary to watch. Kev definately has his own unique style within our scene and its a treat to see him rip up concrete. He also gets tech and pull’s slow ice pick to overs on the spine – fair bloody play! Talking of stepping up, Lacey 3′d the spine out of nowhere real high and stylish, if you have rode that spine you would know that tricks are hard enough on it let alone pure balls out twist’s. Expect more from that lad as he seems to progress in every way, every day! Craig 270′d on too the down-slope thing at the end of the spine which is really hard as there is nothing much to land on. Cagney rode well, he also has is own amzing style and everything he does is a treat for the old ‘apple pies’. Hope you get that old school to fakie line next time dude – originality! For me it was a case of nibbling like a pussy as always, but i dont really care as it has been a pleasure to watch all the Welsh riders progress around me the last few month’s. Oh my shite wait til you the trails update, I aint going to spoil it for you though piss right off. Fucking game on boyo’s…..

Author: Ben Ayling

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