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Caerphilly trails update

A bit of news about Caerphilly Trails from the facebook group

The good news is that we have recieved the plans which Rowan has been working on, once we get this site re-built it’s going to be pretty damn good. (OK, it’s going to be fantastic).I’m going to get some details posted up here over the Easter break.

The bad news is that due to planning and funding… issues you are going to have to be patient and hope for a nice dry autumn so you can ride the trails. Planning is likely to take us untill June, and funding may take a little longer. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but better to do the job properly, than not at all.

I know in the summer it’s going to be very tempting to go and start digging, please don’t! (Well not on FC land anyway).

Everyone involved is trying to get things moving as quickly as possible, and we’re finding it as frustrating as you are. I guess it’s going to be a summer of flatland or XC.”

Author: Scott

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